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1 Access the Web UI

Most configurations can be done via WFilter NG Firewall web UI. The console UI is mainly for failure recovery.

  • URL of Web UI:
  • Default username is "admin", password is "123456".
  • To access Web UI, the client pc shall be connected to the LAN interface of WFilter NG Firewall, either directly or via a switch. The client pc shall be configured as "obtain ip address automatically" or static ip "192.168.10.x".
  • If you're not sure about the LAN interface, please type "1" in the console menu for details.

Ros installation 08.png

Ros installation 09.png

2 Configuration Wizard

The Wizard will be launched on first time logon.

Ros guide 01.png

2.1 Timezone and Charset

  • The first step is to choose "Timezone" and "Charset".
  • The "Charset" setting is for WFilter to decode internet usage records, incorrect charset setting will lead to garbled characters. For example, in thailand, you need to choose "Thai" as the language.

Ros guide 01 2.png

2.2 Deployment and WAN interfaces

The WFilter NG Firewall can act as a "gateway" or "network bridge".

Ros guide 02.png

  • Gateway: WFilter NG Firewall acts as the gateway for local nework. Usually, your current gateway shall be replaced with WFilter NG Firewall. Network diagram:

Ros guide gateway.png

  • Bridge: Build network bridge(s) on certain interfaces. With bridge deployment, you can transparently deploy WFilter, without changing current network topology. Some features will be disabled in bridge mode, while most features are the same as in gateway mode, including access policy, bandwidth shaper, internet usage monitoring and reports... Network diagram of bridge mode:

Ros guide bridge.png

You need to choose a proper deployment according to your requirement.

3 Failure Recovery

You may use the console UI for failure recovery. For example, you may reset settings when:

  • Forget admin's password.
  • Web UI is blocked by firewall rules.
  • Incorrect LAN interface settings.

You have following options to reset WFilter:

  • Stop firewall rules.
  • Reset admin password.
  • Reset interface settings.
  • Restore factory settings.

Ros installation 04.png

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