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1 Overview

IPv6 is now officially supported.

2 Schedule

We schedule WFilter's IPv6 support into three phases:

  • Phase 1: IPv6 support of interfaces, routing and firewall settings. [completed]
  • Phase 2: IPv6 support of access policy, bandwidth shaper and user authentication.[completed]
  • Phase 3: IPv6 support of internet usage recording and statistics.[Partial completed]

3 Settings

IPv6 is disabled in default. To enable IPv6 support, two options shall be enabled:

  • Firewall Ruls -> IPv6 -> IPv6 Settings
  • Internet Usage -> Advanced Settings

Ipv6 firewall.png

Ipv6 record.png

Upon enabled, you shall be able to see online IPv6 clients in "Real-time bandwidth".

Ipv6 online.png

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