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1 Bandwidth Priority

This "Bandwidth Priority" module enables you to set priority based on:

  • IP, users group, usernames.
  • Protocol category or protocol name.
  • Domains or web category.

You can set 1-7 priorities for every target. For example:

  • Set "Email" protocol category to the highest priority, while set "P2P" protocols to lowest priority, so even there is P2P downloading, emails will be transferred in the first class.
  • Set business servers to the highest priority.
  • Set "Streaming Media" web category to the lowest priority. So online videos will not influence other traffic.

The default optimized rules provide basic bandwidth optimize. You can modify or add your own policies.

Ros bwcontrol 01.png

If a packet can be matched with several rules, only the first rule will be applied. You may click "Reorder" icon to drag and reorder rules.

2 Policy

For each rule, you need to choose applied clients and time range, together with a policy described as below:

  • Priority: packets with higher priority(smaller number) are delivered before lower priority(bigger number) packets. You may click "Edit" to configure target contents.

Bwcontrol set en.jpg

  • By Protocol Category: set priority for protocol categories.

Bwcontrol pcategory en.jpg

  • By Protocol: set priority for protocols.

Bwcontrol proto en.jpg

  • By Web Category: set priority for web categories.(Requires valid enterprise license).

Bwcontrol wcategory en.jpg

  • By Website: set priority for domains.

Bwcontrol domain en.jpg

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