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1 IP-MAC Binding

This module enables you to bind an ip address to a MAC address. Please notice:

  • When "ip-mac binding" is enabled, WFilter NGF DHCP server will assign static ip addresses to clients.
  • WFilter NGF does not act as a DHCP server when deployed as a network bridge.
  • If you have another dhcp server, for "ip-mac binding" to work properly, please modify your DHCP server to assign listed static ip addresses to clients.
  • If you want to apply binding to clients connected with a three layer switch, you need to enable "MAC Detector".

2 Settings


  • For ubound IPs, you can choose to:
    • "Block All". No internet access for ubound IP addresses.
    • "Allow All". Allow internet access for ubound IP addresses.
    • "Block below IP". Local IP address belongs to the IP ranges will be blocked.
  • For ubound MAC addresses, you can set each lan subnet to assign IP address or not.
    • "Disable". Do not assign IP to unlisted MAC address.
    • "Enable". Assign IP to unlisted MAC address.
  • Please note: because client will cache the assigned ip for a while, sometimes you can not obtain the new bound ip immediately. For example, in windows system, you need to run command "ipconfig /renew" to force dhcp renew.

3 IP-MAC List

  • Click the "state" icon, you can turn on/off the binding.


Please notice: even a binding is in "off" state, static ip address will still be assigned by WFilter's DHCP.

4 Import & Remove


  • Import List: import a pre-defined IP & mac list.


  • Delete: delete ip-mac list


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