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1 Internet Usage Monitoring

The "Internet Usage Monitoring" module records internet activities, including:

  • Web Surf
  • Web Post
  • Outgoing Emails
  • Incoming Emails
  • File Upload History
  • File Download History
  • IM Accounts
  • FTP/Telnet Sessions
  • IP-MAC History

This module works both in "gateway mode" and "bridge mode". Enterprise license is required.

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2 Recording Policy

For every client, multiple policies can be applied. For example:

  • A policy: record web surfing for a whole subnet.
  • B policy: enable "email recording" for a special IP in this subnet.

For this ip, both "web surfing recording" and "email recording" will be enabled.

Detailed "recording policy" settings are described in below.

2.1 Web Recording

  • Web Surf: record titles of visited web pages for http websites. For https websites, only domains will be recorded in default. To record https webpages, please check "SSL Inspector".
  • Web Post: record web post content for http websites. To record https websites posts, please check "SSL Inspector".
  • Web Post Size Limit: no recording of web post exceeds size limit.
  • Smart Filter: With this feature enabled, WFilter will not record visits by non-human. (Not 100% accurate)
  • Domains Exception: no recording of domains in the exception list. Wildcards "*?" are supported.

Wfrecorder setweb en2.png

2.2 Email Recording

Wfrecorder sermail en.jpg

  • Emails supported: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and outgoing web-based emails.
  • For emails exceed size limit, only subject/from/to will be recorded.
  • To record ssl emails(SMTP/POP/IMAP over SSL), please check "SSL Inspector".

2.3 File Transfers

Wfrecorder settings ftp.png

  • File transfers supported: FTP upload, FTP download, Web download, Web upload.
  • WFilter only records filenames/URLs of downloaded files. While full file content can be recorded for uploading files.
  • For uploading files exceed size limit, only filenames can be recorded.
  • To record files via https, you need to enable "HTTPS Inspector".

2.4 Others

Wfrecorder settings other.png

Options to enable IM acounts and FTP/Telnet sessions.

  • Only QQ messenger IDs can be recorded.
  • When "FTP/Telnet Sessions" is enabled, sent FTP/Telnet commands can be recorded.

3 Advanced Settings

3.1 System

  • Enable Debug: write debug logs for diagnose.
  • Database Commit: the database commit frequency.
  • Additional Webmail Domains: Custom webmails to be recorded.

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