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The "Reports" module provides statistics and reports for WFilter NGF. Besides the pre-defined reports, you also can customize the reports by yourself. Every report can be scheduled to be emailed.


1 Customize a Report

For example, suppose you want a report named "Top 50 users of bandwidth consumed in last month", below are the steps:

  • Click "New".
  • Set "Users" to "All".
  • Set "Report Name" to "Top 50 users of bandwidth consumed in last month".
  • Set "Report Type" to "Bandwidth".
  • Choose "Bandwith Report" as the "Report Content".
  • Set "Date Range" to "Last month".
  • Set "By1" to "IP".
  • Set "Format" to "Bar".
  • Order by "Total" desc.
  • Display "Top 50".
  • Save.

Now you can query this report, if you want to receive this report via email. You need to schedule this report and set target emails.

Ros report 01.png

  • Notice:
* For report email sending, you need to enable "SMTP Server" in "System"->"Email".
* If you scheduled a "everyday" report, this report will be sent on 2:00 AM in next day.

2 Report Dashboard

Report dashboard.png

3 Top 20 visited websites

Report top domains.png

4 Top 20 websites of bandwidth consumed

Report top domainbandwidth.png

5 Report by hours

Report hours.png

6 Trends of bandwidth

Report bandwidthtrends.png

7 Web Surfing Details

Report websurfingdetails.png

8 Bandwidth Details

Report bandwidthdetails.png

9 Settings

Report settings.png

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