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1 Alert Settings

Alert module can send alert events/emails when certain conditions are met.

  • Events


2 Settings

Alert types: keywords alert, bandwidth alert, new device alert.

2.1 Keywords Alert


  • When keyword is found, an alert event will be triggered.
    • Web Surf: match keywords against visited domain, webpage title. To search https webpages, you need to enable "HTTPS Inspector" in internet usage.
    • Web Post: match keywords against domain, webpage title, posting content. To search https posts, you need to enable "HTTPS Inspector" in internet usage.
    • Sent emails: match keywords against outgoing emails' from/to/subject/content.
    • Recv emails: match keywords against incoming emails' from/to/subject/content.
    • Sent files: match keywords against outgoing filenames.
    • Recv files: match keywords against downloading filenames and webpage titles.
  • Please note:
    • We do not scan attachments of emails/webposts/files.
    • Web-based emails belong to webposts.
    • Keywords are case insensitive.
    • Keywords match runs every 30 minutes.

2.2 Bandwidth Alert


  • When bandwidth exceeds threshold, an alert event will be triggered.
    • Every day: check yesterday's bandwidth every day.
    • Every week: check bandwidth of last week every Monday.
    • Every month: check bandwidth of last month every first day of each month.
    • Applications: all applications or selected applications only.
    • Bandwidth threshold.

2.3 Other


  • Trigger an alert event when a new device(MAC address) is found.
  • When alert triggered, the client(s) can be added into a virtual group. So you can setup more policies to them.
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