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1 Introduction

This module defines WFilter NGF's local accounts of, which can be used for:

  • PPPoE
  • Web Auth
  • VPN
  • Set access policy by users.
  • Record internet activity by users.

For example, you can choose usernames in "Applied to" targets for polices:

Faq en account002.png

2 New Local Account

You need to configure account's username, password, valid date, group, sessions, mac binding, access priviledge and pppoe properties.

  • Supported access type:
    • PPPoE: allow this user to access WFilter NGF's pppoe service. Please check PPPoE for details.
    • VPN: allow this user to connect to vpn service. Please check VPN for details.
    • Web: allow this user to authenticate via web auth. Please check Web Auth for details.
    • Static IP: bind static IP to an username.
  • "Concurrent Logins": maximum concurrent sessions of this user. No limit by default.
  • "MAC Binding": supports "dynamic binding" and "static binding".
    • Static: this user can only be connected from the bound MAC addresses. Multiple MACs are separated by commas.
    • Dynamic1: bind this user to MAC address of the first time connection.
    • Dynamic3: automatically bind the first three authenticated mac addresses.
    • Dynamic5: automatically bind the first five authenticated mac addresses.
  • Expired users can not access any authentication service.
  • PPPoE properties are only valid to PPPoE users.
    • "Bandwidth Limit": limit this user's real-time bandwidth rate.
    • "Static IP": assign a static ip address to this user when this user is connected via pppoe or VPN.

Faq en account001.png

3 Third Party Accounts

Users authenticated via third party authentication services will be listed. You can click "delete" to delete expired users.

  • Third party authentication
    • "Email Authentication".
    • "Ldap Authentication".
    • "Radius Authentication".
  • Access Type:

Faq account004.png

4 Login History

Login history of users.

Faq account003.png


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