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PPPoE is to provide a PPPoE service for local network users. With PPPoE, you can:

  • Allow clients to connect PPPoE service.
  • Show PPPoE clients in the Real-time Bandwidth(IP, MAC, username)
  • Record PPPoE clients internet activity(Internet Usage)
  • Set access policy for PPPoE clients.(Access_Policy)
  • Query PPPoE login history.(Accounts)

2 PPPoE Settings

  • Interface: the LAN interface to enable PPPoE.
  • Service Name: PPPoE service name. Only required when you have multiple PPPoE services in network.
  • IP Range: the assigned IP address range to clients.
  • DNS: the assigned DNS to clients.
  • Bandwidth Limit: whether to limit clients bandwidth rate. The unit is Kbyte. For each user, you can set bandwidth limit in Local_Account to overwrite the global bandwidth limit.
  • Auth Type
    • "Local Auth": authenticate with username and password of local accounts. This user shall enable "PPPoE" access in Local_Account.
    • "Email Auth": send credentials to a pop/imap email server for authentication.
    • "Ldap Auth": send credentials to a ldap server for authentication.
    • "Radius Auth": send credentials to a remote radius server for authentication.
  • Auth Protocols: supported PPPoE auth protocols, which shall be consistence with PPPoE client settings.
    • For "Email Auth" and "Ldap Auth", only "pap" is supported.

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