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1 Introduction

The ISP module in WFilter NG firewall provides a total solution for internet service provider(ISP), including below features:

  • Various type of user authentication: PPPoE, Web Auth and "Static IP".
  • Real-time bandwidth rate limit(bandwidth shaper).
  • Monthly bandwidth quota.
  • User management.
  • User statistics.
  • User notification: "User Portal", "Web Push" and "Email Notification".
  • Virtual groups:
    • You can set user to various virtual groups(ie: non-pay groups, bandwidth-exceeded groups...)
    • Each group can have different access policy and bandwidth policy.
    • You can set different notification for each group.

For more details, please check: ISP module

2 Benefits

  • A total solution, no third party product required.
  • Innovative virtual groups provide the best control of users.
  • Real-time bandwidth and connection monitoring, all internet activities in your eyes.
  • Internet usage recording and statistics.

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